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Knife Edge, the first novel in my crime series set in Northern Ireland, is due to be released on the 15th of April, but it can be preordered now on Amazon UK or US (scroll down for links). In the meantime, here are some comments from reviewers to give you a taste of what’s ahead:

“Knife Edge by Kerry Buchanan—A wickedly sharp debut psychological thriller from an author to watch…
…Isn’t it just fantastic when you pick up one of those psychological thrillers that grabs you by the throat and won’t let go, demanding that you sit on the edge of your seat for every suspense-filled, nail-biting moment of it? Knife Edge is one of those novels for me.”

“Ooh wow this was a great page turner from page one, loved everything about this book and read it in one sitting as I couldn’t put it down and it kept me guessing, Highly recommend it.”

“Its not often a debut novel is as well written as this. I found myself utterly riveted from very early in the book, and when I wasn’t reading it I was spending my time wishing I was.” 

“This is a very good thriller from Kerry Buchanan. It has everything you want in a thriller, a great plot, tension, good characterisation, plenty twists and is full of action. What more can I say, apart from I would highly recommend this book and author. Hard to believe it’s a debut!”

“The plot of Knife Edge is intense. It’s a thrill-read of epic proportions with high characterisation to help keep the delight of the discoveries entertaining.”

“Dark and Chilling, gives you Goosebumps… …Oh my this book, oh wow so fast pace, I enjoyed chapter after chapter, It will send your heart pounding, it’s full of massive twists, either way this book will shock you to the core right till the core right till the very end. I’m done and satisfied that this book is worthy of every star rating, look forward to the next.”

“Knife Edge is a nail-biting suspenseful crime thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat! And that ending! OMG! (Insert Cliffhanger Alert!) Loved this debut novel by Kerry Buchanan and will most definitely be on the lookout for the next release! Highly recommend to fans of this genre!”

“Knife Edge by Kerry Buchanan describes itself as utterly addictive.  It does not lie.  The action starts right away and does not let up…  …I also was not prepared for all the twists and turns.  I will definitely read more by this author.” 

“A really gripping storyline with a cast of interesting characters.”

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I’m a retired veterinary surgeon living with my family on our farm amongst the rolling hills of County Down, Northern Ireland. 

Since 2014, I’ve been writing fiction, and in 2020 I was signed up by Joffe Books to write crime novels, the first of which, Knife Edge, will be released on 15th April 2021. For preorder links, see below.  

You can read a bit more about me here, and contact me here. I also write the occasional blog post.

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Knife Edge is the first novel of my crime series set in Northern Ireland. Due to be released on 15th April 2021, you can preorder it from Amazon UK or Amazon US.