Musings of a Crime Writer

(and her cat)

I’m afraid I’m a bit hit and miss with blog posts. I don’t tend to write them unless I’m feeling inspired and inspiration is a funny thing. It’s a bit like buses (nothing for hours, then three double-deckers in a row), so I you’ll find me giving you either feast or famine.

The Problem Child?

(Four different C-Words) Perhaps it’s unfair to refer to my new book as a problem child. I’m delighted with the final version, and will be proud to see it out there in the world, hopefully bringing delightfully creepy shivers to readers everywhere. But it did put up a bit of a fight during its creationContinue reading “The Problem Child?”

Exhilaration – and fear

Yesterday, I received the preorder links for Knife Edge from Joffe Books. You’d think that by now, more than eight months after they offered me a contract to publish my books, I’d have become accustomed to the idea. In some ways, I have. Writing is not just a pleasurable hobby these days but a job,Continue reading “Exhilaration – and fear”

Why a cat?

I live in the middle of a menagerie of humans and animals. We have six chickens, five cats, four horses, two dogs, a lizard, a snake and countless tropical fish, not to mention some humans that occasionally behave like animals. I include myself in that. The cat in the photo is Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry). HeContinue reading “Why a cat?”


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