Musings of a Crime Writer

(and her cat)

I’m afraid I’m a bit hit and miss with blog posts. I don’t tend to write them unless I’m feeling inspired and inspiration is a funny thing. It’s a bit like buses (nothing for hours, then three double-deckers in a row), so I you’ll find me giving you either feast or famine.

Why a cat?

I live in the middle of a menagerie of humans and animals. We have six chickens, five cats, four horses, two dogs, a lizard, a snake and countless tropical fish, not to mention some humans that occasionally behave like animals. I include myself in that. The cat in the photo is Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry). He…More

Paying it Forward

Since I began writing fiction in 2014, I have received help, encouragement, advice and friendship from so many other writers, all over the world. This writing community is a very special place, and I’ll never be able to pay back all the folks who have given freely of their time and expertise to help this…More

Shy Halos

Corona = Halo From the Cambridge English Dictionary: Corona – a circle of light that can sometimes be seen around the moon at night, or around the sun during an eclipse… If you were to type the word Corona into a search engine, you would be flooded with results about the coronavirus pandemic and Covid…More

Definitely NOT Ballynahinch Book Club…*

I began writing in 2014, sat at my farm kitchen table and tapping away on a stolen iPad (stolen from my husband, but stolen nonetheless). I was filled with inspiration, determined to put down in glorious technicolour the story that had been battering away at the inside of my skull for more than 30 years.…More


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