Sailing Diary

Kerry sitting on a sailing boat at anchor
Kerry, sitting on Barberry at anchor

Barberry Tales

This is where I’ll share our sailing adventures as Fraser and I set off in our small sailboat to sail from Bangor in Northern Ireland all the way to Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean. You can follow our journey as we tack and gybe our way southwards, then east, then south again in a wiggly line, then east, south, east, south, east. 

Where was I?

The Last Chapter…

This is the last chapter of the blog for 2023, until we return to Barberry in the spring.

Mind the Gap!

In this week’s episode, Fraser talks about the perils of expensive Italian marinas, and idyllic anchorages as we sail along the north coast of Sicily and then across the Straits of Messina to Italy.

Life on the Lean

In this week’s blogs we sail from Sardinia to Sicily where we try to find shelter from high winds.

Foul Winds

Kerry finished her blog at Figari, at the southern end of Corsica, where Patrick had just left us to fly home. Barberry suddenly felt very quiet without him and we both took a bit of time to come to terms with not having him around — he was such good company, and we found it very…


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