Christmas Spirit

In this pre-Christmas rush to get everything done I am sitting at my computer typing, but there’s nowhere I’d rather be. I love writing and since I started around nine months ago it’s become a major part of my life.

There are a couple of new short stories on the website and one of them is Christmas themed, albeit with a pagan touch, but the other tells the story of a fickle leprechaun and his liege, the King of the Fairies.

It’s been a funny old autumn, hard to get motivated for Christmas at all, but now it’s almost upon us I’m starting to get that warm, chestnuts roasting, mulled wine feeling and checking the weather forecast for snow (disappointing). Deep down I’m still five years old, the excitement is building: family time and a fireplace alight with flickering flames, wrapping gifts and giggling at the silly clues we put on.

It won’t be long before we are welcoming in the new year, 2015. How time flies as we get older. It’s a season when we feel we are standing on the cusp of something new. A date denoting an old year ending and a new one beginning is such a human thing, but it still seems a great opportunity to rethink our lives and try to straighten ourselves out, especially after the over-indulgance of Christmas.

What do I hope for in the new year? I hope to get my main novel, The Blacksmith’s Apprentice, finished and the editing cleaned up. I am well into the third full rewrite at the moment and keep on getting distracted by competitions and magazine submissions, but in the new year I WILL knuckle down and get it done!

It’s been a good nine months. I have had some short stories published, won some competitions, done my first ever creative writing class through Queen’s Open Learning with the lovely Kathleen Quinn and made so many friends through and as well as the class. They’ve all taught me so much there’s really no excuse not to be best selling novellist now.

*sighs* Dream on….