Going Down: Deep Locks and Green Beer

We left the beautiful town of Tournus around 0830 Tuesday 13th June and headed downstream towards Crêches-sur-Saône, where our guide book promised us showers, laundry facilities and even a swimming area. We should have known it was too good to be true! We were the only boat on a generously-sized pontoon and there was aContinue reading “Going Down: Deep Locks and Green Beer”

Dramatic Rescues and Giant Rats

Main picture: Fraser and the statue of a young Lieutenant Napoleon. They could be twins! Having made good progress through the canals and the endless systems of locks we decided to treat ourselves to an extra day at Auxonne (7th to 8th June). We tied up on a quay close to the town as IContinue reading “Dramatic Rescues and Giant Rats”

Frogs and French Food

Fraser’s blog left us in Joinville, an idyllic little halte next to a hotel/restaurant. We spent two nights there, enjoying the shade beneath the trees that overhung us, and also caught up with Helen and Steve, a couple of fellow boaters. The only drawback of Joinville was the froggie chorus that went on all night,Continue reading “Frogs and French Food”

Brie in Brie and champagne in Champagne

The week in Paris was absolute heaven. Fraser and I hardly ever do the “tourist thing”, so this was a real treat for us. The last time I was in Paris was for my 16th birthday, so that’s a good 5 years ago. Funny how it feels far longer than that. My birthday dinner wasContinue reading “Brie in Brie and champagne in Champagne”