Brie in Brie and champagne in Champagne

The week in Paris was absolute heaven. Fraser and I hardly ever do the “tourist thing”, so this was a real treat for us. The last time I was in Paris was for my 16th birthday, so that’s a good 5 years ago. Funny how it feels far longer than that. My birthday dinner wasContinue reading “Brie in Brie and champagne in Champagne”

Above and Below Paris

There is quite a lot to see and do in Paris. It’s a busy place with lots of traffic, bikes everywhere and police/ambulance sirens going almost permanently- a bit of a shock after the tranquility of the river. Crossing the road is an art form here. We took a while to master the technique onceContinue reading “Above and Below Paris”

Wind in the Willows (Tales from the Riverbank)

Fraser talked last time about how we reached Rouen and removed our mast so we could fit beneath the many bridges we’d encounter on our long journey south to the Mediterranean. In this episode, I will bring you with us along the last stretch of the tidal Seine and onwards through France to Paris. WhenContinue reading “Wind in the Willows (Tales from the Riverbank)”

We’re In-Seine

Fraser’s unique take on our journey so far. Once we arrived in France, we felt that we were nearly in the canals, but not quite yet. For starters we still had a tricky 14-hour passage to get us to Honfleur, which lies at the mouth of the Seine River. We set off on Friday atContinue reading “We’re In-Seine”