Doom Bar, Emmets, and Drowned Rats

We spent a week in Padstow, not because we were stormbound but because we were having such a lovely time. Barberry was tied up to the harbour wall, right in the heart of this picturesque little Cornish town, and we often overheard some fascinating snatches of conversation between the tourists, sitting on the benches justContinue reading “Doom Bar, Emmets, and Drowned Rats”

Stormbound — but that’s not the whole story…

Another Fraser’s-eye view of our adventures. Well, the forecast did not change, and we stayed in Neyland Marina for a week. Did you see Pembrokeshire and Cornwall on the news with the big storms and waves that would have swallowed our wee boat? We had plenty of time on our hands but have to admitContinue reading “Stormbound — but that’s not the whole story…”

We’re Going on an Adventure!

This is something a bit different from my writing blogs (which I’m ashamed to say I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with). I hope to keep an online journal here so people who are interested can follow our journey as we sail our little boat from Northern Ireland to the warm, clear waters ofContinue reading “We’re Going on an Adventure!”